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Unregulated Diabetes, Do Not Eat These 5 Fruits

1* Mango

The American glycemic index is more than 50. So if the blood sugar is not in control, it is forbidden to eat. If your blood sugar is in control, then eat less than 50 grams or less. Do not eat mango immediately after eating food. Because it increases the amount of blood glucose.

2* Banana

Potassium and sugar are rich in bananas, so unauthorized diabetes patients are forbidden to eat bananas. If your blood glucose levels are in control then you can eat a small banana (50-100 g).

3* Ata

The amount of blood glucose levels increases due to the abundance of glucose in the fruit. Even diabetes is in control, but the quantity of flour should be eaten moderately.

4* Sofeda

Unregulated diabetes patients are forbidden to eat saphida fruits. Even if you are under the control of diabetes, it is prohibited to eat more than one-third of the daily sweeter of 80 grams or one cup of one cup. Playing more than this increases the risk of developing health problems.

5* Grapes

Unregulated diabetes should not eat grapes. Instead of anti-oxidant rich citrus fruits such as lemon or orange can eat. Because they help to control blood glucose and prevent free radical damage. If diabetes is in control then you can eat 6-7 grapes.

Older Girls Who Fall In Love With Older People Will Be Shocked To Know.

Older Girls Who Fall In Love With Older People Will Be Shocked To Know.

The only thing that can be seen now is not at all. It was in the past, but of course so much
Not being able to see it. It's been a very easy thing for young people to get married in love with their parents or older people, or to marry now.
In most cases, the man is likely to be married, and the young woman is taking herself as a wife by placing her boyfriend in a trick-and-tactic manner. It is impossible for most men to control themselves by playing a hunky girl in a young girl. Again, many men try to rush young women in a big way, rather than fine tactics. The reason for men is clear, they want to have a young woman as a partner. But a young girl falls in love with a man in your old age? What are the reasons?

Finding a father in the boyfriend

One of the main reasons for being diverse is that if girls are very fond of their father, then they fall in love just to see the shadow of a father in a man. Since Dad is a middle class man, so naturally, it is easy to find father's images among other people of this age group. A group of girls are easily attracted to middle-aged men who take care or affection like a father Especially for any reason They lost their father, they

Ensure financial security

A middle-aged man means he is financially stable enough and established in life. Girls seek to ensure that financial security, without any effort to ensure happiness for themselves. It will be seen that the girls only fall in love with the middle-aged men who are financially well-established.

Greed of happiness family

If a man loves his wife very much and is very happy with them, many girls fall in love with their happiness. The girls who grew up with family tragedy in particular They will do the same to the man as he loves his or her first wife. A man in his father's heart is in love with the greed of being in the place of happiness.

 Can not do anything for yourself

 Many women are like parasitic plants. They can not do anything on their own, in each case they seek cooperation from other people. They think that a "matching" man can perform their duties properly. So the father's old man as a companion chooses.

Experiences in the joy of sex

Many girls think that a middle-aged man means more than a young person who knows more about sex than a young man. Many people feel better middle-aged men Moreover, this old man definitely has more than one woman experience. As a result, he understands a young girl better. In all, young people play a major role in choosing a man of more age than their own.

Getting hurt from young boyfriend

If her first lover goes away, many girls are inclined towards men of more age. Because they think young lovers are evil and unstable in love and older men are stable and dependable.

The Way To Sleep In The Fat Melt Fat Will Decrease

The Way To Sleep In The Fat Melt Fat Will Decrease

Suddenly the weight increase but not the good news for you! Those who have digestive power are very weak, they are just in danger. So, to reduce weight, it is necessary to improve the digestion capacity first.


According to experts, increasing calorie intake on your body depends largely on digestion. So those who have metabolism, less fat is accumulated in their body, so the weight is in control.

Experts talk about an Ayurvedic medication, which will keep your weight under the weight while reducing the fat while sleeping. Since this medicine is made indigenously in the physical components, there will be no fear of adverse effects on the body.

If so, let's know how to prepare this medication.

➔The following is discussed below;

Just As The Fat Melts

 ➨Ingredients: half a glass of water, lemon 1, cucumber 1 aloeveera gel 1 teaspoon, ginger 1 teaspoon coriander leaves a handful.

➨Preparation Method: Make a mixture of all the above materials together by blanding blunders. Drink this domestic medicine every day.

➨It will be seen that the weight has started decreasing after playing 1 glass. So experts have identified it as the most effective Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss.

➨In this mixture, there is coconut, as well as increase the digestion of the body keeps the body tight. The rich leaves contain plenty of minerals and anti-oxygen. There is no calamity in the calories, so playing this leaf regularly does not have any fear of weight gain.

➨Along with dissolving fat and improving digestion, Aloe Vera has improved.

Caution: Drink more of your time while eating this medication. Due to decreasing water levels in the body, digestion capacity will start decreasing. As a result, you will not get any benefit from consuming medicines. The result will be the opposite.

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What To Eat This Summer? These 5 Foods Will Remove The Watery Flush In The Summer

What To Eat This Summer? These 5 Foods Will Remove The Watery Flush In The Summer

Life is unheard of in summer. The body is sweating when sweating out of the day. Not only in the daytime, it is sweating while sitting in the evening or night, in the summer, in summer. In the natural physiological process, sweating is created to keep the body cool in summer. However, due to this, there is also the dehydration of the body.

What To Eat This Summer

 There is no alternative to drinking more water to remove the water disorders. However, it is not possible to keep the body healthy during the summer by drinking only water.

Pure water

It is common to drink daily eight glasses of water and the body is healthy. However, it is not possible for many to drink eight glasses of water. In that case, drink water as much as you can to thirst. But keep in mind that the water is pure, sterile and potable


There are 96.7 percent of the water in the granite. Keep the Shadow Salad in this summer every day. Mixing tamarind juice with the grain will increase the taste. Along with this, milk can be made by making unhygienic milk-made curd, mint leaves and ice blender. These juices will keep your body fresh and thirsty.


There are 95.66 percent water in the leatus. Try to keep the lettuce in any one-bellar food. Excellent chicken salad can be made with lettuce. Children can also give a lettuce with a sandwich to Tiffin.


Tomatoes contain 94.5 percent water. Apart from this, it contains plenty of Vitamin-C, Lycopene, Carotene, Riboflavin, Calcium and Iron. Tomato juice or salad two delicious Even after cooking, the nutrient value of tomatoes does not decrease. So you can eat tomato soup or ghee during the summer.


In watermelon, there is 91.5 percent water. It contains cancer-resistant material, Lycopene. This fruit rich in vitamins and mineral salts gives relief to the heat.

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If You Have a Heart Attack, Fast These Four Tasks

If You Have a Heart Attack, Fast These Four Tasks

Problems can occur at any time in the heart. At present, a large part of our country's population suffers from heart problems. The more it is moving, the disease is rising. Experts say that by the year 2050, not only the developed world, but in the third world countries, heart patients will grow so much that one in every three will have heart problems.
So each of us will have to take a change in the eating habits as well as look at the manual work. Besides, if there is a heart attack, everyone should have some preliminary treatment. If you have a heart attack while you are alone or if you have a heart attack at any other time what will you do? Find out more about the description below:-
 The common symptoms of attack are severe pain on the left side of the chest. This is the most prevalent symptom of a heart attack. Normally there is about 20 minutes of pain. Slowly, it spreads on the left hand and shoulders of the left hand, neck and jaw. At this time of severe sweating
There was tremendous sweat and gradually seemed to be dark all around. If you are alone, you will never neglect it. So keep in touch with the news. Heart patients always keep an emergency service number, such as ambulance. If you are on the street outside, then get help from someone nearby.

1. Keep with aspirin. It is beneficial to take Aspirin during a heart attack. If you are alone, aspirin can lead to a lot of problems in the initial stages.
2. The breath is going on for a long time. Doctors also said that breathing heavily was beneficial during a heart attack.
3. Pressure on the chest During a heart attack, doctors often press on the heart with two hands, so that the normal speed of the heart is returned. This method can be used manually at home alone.
4. Even though the old man is coughing, this commentary is very good. Although there is no scientific explanation. However, sometimes there is a small block in the area of ​​lightly in the heart of the heart.

Due To The Dense Urine That is Prone to Urine At Night!

Due To The Dense Urine That is Prone to Urine At Night!

People who sleep in the night at the speed of urine will have to think about the use of salt in their food list. Because of the reason, you have to go to bed and go to sleep in the toilet. Japanese doctors told this information in the research.

Physical problem is called Nakratia. If you get sixty percent of this, it is quite a problem. As a result, their sleep disturbed, and brought to life, many crisis. Doctors surveyed 300 people They found that reducing the amount of salt they received would reduce the problem of urinating. The night is just so. In this situation doctors asked to choose, so that the problem can not be tied to the body.
Researchers at Japan's Nagasaki University recently presented the report in the European Society of Eurolox Congress in London. The BBC has reported it. Researchers have been keeping an eye on their practice of taking salt for three months. The matter has been confirmed and confirmed, as soon as it can reduce the consumption of salt.
It showed that the rate of toilet for urine was reduced by half in a month. Not only that night, but also the rate of urine decreases in the day. Some people have been going to the toilet again and again in the night with a little more salt than usual.
Generally, the amount of water that was consumed before sleeping was thought to be a sign of urine acceleration. And a relationship of sugar with urine is known to all. But in this study, Milan's relationship with him was related to Laban's relationship. Researchers found that people who did not keep the bladder drinking water were also rising up the urine at night. This trend is only seen in fifty-five percent.
The head of the researcher said that more research is needed on the subject. Matsu tomohiro
When we are growing up, the hormone changes, and it causes more urine pressure at night. Men's prostate gland is also grown with age. And growing prostate means that there is pressure in the pouch bag, and because of this the urine pressure is high. But there is not the end of the story there. It can also be due to the disease called nakateria. One of the reasons why eating more salt is the habit
And with this formula, you may have diabetes, heart disease, or sleeping.
Can you ask, how much salt would we call salt?
For adults, it is said to eat 6 grams of salt per day. Which is approximately equal to 2.4 grams of sodium. And for the children it is only 2 grams, which can be upgraded to 5 grams up to 10 years of age. And if 11 passes, children are not more than 6 grams in the day.
It takes a little more salt to make any food appetizing. If the bread is aloo, it can not be eaten, as much rice is eaten. Salt is used more in bread. Chies, chips, pasta children's favorite food, so that salt is more.
It takes a little more salt to make any food appetizing. If the bread is aloo, it can not be eaten, as much rice is eaten. Salt is used more in bread. Chies, chips, pasta children's favorite food, so that salt is more.

If You See Seven Signs That Kidneys Are Good to Know.

Kidney is one of the most important organisms in our body. Human kidneys have two kidneys on both sides of the waist For many reasons our kidneys may be damaged. Even kidney failure can occur. In an article published in Reader's Digest, at least seven silent symptoms can be said to indicate how bad the kidneys are.

If You See Seven Signs That Kidneys Are Good to Know:- 

➤One:Rash or sharpening on the skin of the body and intense itching or iching. Generally, the problem of kidney problem related to skin rashes is very rare.
Two: Kidney problems are caused by a type of toxin or harmful substance in the blood circulatory system. As a result, the facial test decreases and metallic tests and facial odor are felt. That is what is called Bad Breath. Some people say that eating a meal, one kind of metallic odor is felt.

➤Three: Often vomiting or nausea is felt. The desire for hunger or food decreases even if it gets reduced to quick weight

➤Four: The time of need of urine began. Many urge to urinate but urination is not. Again, the amount of uranation is much higher. Again, despite many people having diabetes, it has to rise in the night for urination.

➤Five: Only urine intensity is low, in many cases, urination with urine, urine color is darker or lighter, or foamy urine. That is, after the urine, the foam was created.

➤Six: Another function of kidney is to remove excess water or fluid from the body. But if the kidney function is not suitable, there is no unnecessary fluid out of the body. As a result, these flavors are deposited in knees, legs, feet, face and hands. Whom we call hands, feet, mouth swelling.

➤Seven: Anemia or anemia can occur if the kidney is not normal. As a result, the body becomes weak and lazy. It also often gets cold.