Friday, May 19, 2017

Food To Prevent Cancer Just Try This Tips For Control Fitness

A study by the US National Cancer Institute found that there is an addiction to all types of cancer.In recent times,170 studies in 17 countries have found that,changing the dietary diet can reduce the risk of cancer.Consuming some types of cancer-resistant foods every day will reduce the risk.

Let's know, the food list:-

➤Carrots, yellow and orange vegetables
It is also a cancer-resistant bitakorotine, which can be attacked on cancer cells.

➤Tomato, watermelon Lycopene contains tomato and watermelon, the risk of pancreatic cancer increases by about five times if the amount of blood is low in blood.

➤Green vegetables Dark green vegetables contain bactericin, foil and lutein against cancer. The green vegetables that contain more and more ingredients.

➤Cabbage, Cauliflower, Salogam
Vegetables are okay with the help of a little boiled, which helps prevent cancer. Regular use of these vegetables reduces the risk of diastolic cancer by about 70 percent.

There are at least five components of anti-soybean infections. Among these, the chemical properties of a substance are similar to those used in breast cancer such as temoxifen.

➤Garlic and onion
Garlic-onion vegetables contain some components of dietary, stomach, lung and liver cancer, which reduces the risk of breast cancer by approximately 71%.

➤Vitamin 'C'-rich fruit
Those who eat some Vitamin 'C' fruits every day, their pancreatic cancer risk decreases by about half or two-thirds.

➤Low-fat milk
Low-fat milk contains calcium, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, C, D etc., which works against cancer.